• Services Offered at A Watch Repair Centre

    Watches need maintenance every now and then after use so as to prolong their life. Optimum performance is key. It is always advisable to select a watch repair centre depending on the specific make of your watch. For example, if you own a Seiko watch, a Seiko repair centre would be your best option as they have the expertise on the parts you need taken care of. The other advantage is that by avoiding third parties to repair your watch, you can get the parts you need.
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  • Wondering how to protect your gems while soldering? Here's how

    Sometime back, it took expert goldsmiths to do soldering. They would hold the gem on a ring with the fingers and rapidly join it with a pinpoint flame so fast that if you are very slow your fingers could get hot. This method actually used to work when the goldsmith was fast, precise, possessed the required expertise and used the right mini-torch which had a certain charm to effectively solder gems jewels back them.
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