3 At-Home Body Modification Kits You Should Check Out

Posted on: 23 May 2019

Whether you're looking to make yourself just a little more unique or to turn heads in the street, body modification is probably the hobby you're looking for. But don't rush to your local tattoo or piercing artist; at-home body modification kits can save you from spending a fortune while, at the same time, gifting you experience in the field, along with the potential to guide your friends through the experience, perhaps even at a charge. Don't risk your health by reaching for the sewing pin or looking up how to make a dodgy home-made tattoo gun; at-home body modification kits are now more available than ever. With the recent rapid increase in demand, most of these kits are much cheaper and of a higher quality than ever. So, what are some of these kits you can buy online or purchase at a nearby retailer?

Ear Gauge Kits

Though at-home ear gauging is already very popular, the value of ear gauging kits is notably underrated. Due to the significantly higher prices offered by local dispensaries for individual pieces, ear gauging kits are now a much more logical purchase than ever. Why buy your gauge upgrades one by one at high prices, when you can buy a whole set for such a low price? If you're looking to increase the degree of your gauge while maintaining design continuity between different pieces, having the differences between pieces being the most manageable possible and also saving money, you should definitely check out stretching kits.

Tattoo Kits

The art of the tattoo is an ancient one. From the Paleolithic period of Japan to the many islands of the Polynesian tribes, the practice of tattooing has saturated human history for many thousands of years. However, despite the relatively low risk of tattooing expressed by our ancestor's ability to practice the art without modern medicine, tattooing is now safer and more available than ever before. Most affordable at-home tattooing kits often include:

  • a lining machine
  • a shading machine
  • a vast variety of ink colours
  • a number of machine grips for comfort
  • several sterile needles to avoid cross-contamination
  • medicinal ointments to avoid infections
  • replacement springs, grommets and rubber bands to avoid vibration issues over a large number of uses

Have you ever seen someone with an awful tattoo? If their artist had planned the art properly, drawn a prototype on paper and then marketed said prototype on their subject's skin and had it approved, such problems often could have easily been avoided, so just do a bit of planning. In addition, the popularity of desirable minimalistic tattoos offers many great first-tattoo options to practice your skills before moving on to the more complex expressions of your art.

Body Piercing Kits

Have you had your ears pierced and want to go a step further but avoid the explicit permanence of tattooing? You should check out body piercing kits. Like all body modification kits, body piercing kits are experiencing a rapid increase in popularity, which also comes with the benefits of affordability and quality. Not to mention, many modern body piercing kits are designed for piercing a number of different locations. Piercings such as those of the navel, nipple, lip, frenulum, genitals and uvula are now more possible than ever with at-home piercing kits, with the jewellery to match, as many body piercing jewellery suppliers offer bulk variety purchases at low costs. So if you want to get a body piercing while avoiding the potential embarrassment and discomfort of experiencing pain in an uncomfortable setting, you should consider buying a body piercing kit.


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