4 Tricks For Choosing Diamond Ring Shapes To Reflect Your Partner's Style

Posted on: 30 October 2015

If you've decided to pop the question to your girlfriend of many years, then you'll need the perfect diamond ring to echo your heartfelt proposal. Diamond engagement rings reflect the love shared by two people, so you'll want to get your choice just right. With so many options available, it can be difficult to find the right ring shape. Use this guide to help you choose shapes for diamond engagement rings to reflect your partner's style.

The Modern Woman With Minimalistic Style

If your partner enjoys simplicity and minimalistic flair, then you'll want to choose diamond engagement rings that resonate with her uncomplicated lifestyle. Oval and pear shaped diamond engagement rings deliver brilliant sparkle and lustre to give her the simple style she's used to with minimal fuss. An oval-shaped diamond ring features sophisticated style, while a pear-shaped diamond ring offers simple elegance. These no-fuss diamond engagement rings are perfect choices for modern women who enjoy minimalistic elegance.

The Traditional Woman Charmed By Vintage Opulence

If your partner has a traditional sense of taste, then the classic round-shaped diamond engagement ring will work best for her. Known for its vintage brilliance, a round-cut solitaire surrounded by clusters of smaller accent stones is the quintessential ring choice for a woman who enjoys tradition. With its timeless and classic brilliance, you can never go wrong when you propose to your partner with a round-shaped diamond ring.

The Bashful Woman With Classy Taste

If your woman has a lovable bold streak to her, then you'll want to choose diamond engagement rings that reflect her bashful personality –– because that's what you love most about her in the first place. A princess-cut or a cushion-cut diamond is exceptional for strong, confident women. A princess-cut square diamond delivers lustrous brilliance and looks magnificent on a woman's hand. The sparkling corners make it a fantastic choice for women with flair. A cushion-cut ring delivers a spectacular finish with rounded edges. A cushion-cut diamond ring delivers softer appeal than princess-cut diamond rings, but they are no less spectacular and work well for brides who exuberate confidence and style.

The Romantic Idealist Enchanted By Eternal Love

If your partner is an idealist with strong faith in the concept of eternal love, then you should choose a diamond ring to reflect her delightful personality. A heart-shaped diamond ring is the perfect proposal supplement because it displays your belief in your partner's romanticism. The finely crafted heart shape of this diamond ring will tug at her heartstrings instantly.

Use this guide when choosing diamond engagement rings to reflect your partner's style radiantly.  


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