2 Diamond Buying Tips For First Timers

Posted on: 25 September 2015

Proposing to your girlfriend is one of life's big moments and you want to make sure you get it right by buying a diamond engagement ring that will close the deal. Not all that glitters is gold, and not all diamonds that sparkle are good, so knowing what to look for when you go out to buy a diamond for the first time can save you money and heartache. So with that in mind, here are two helpful tips as you begin your diamond engagement ring journey.

Learn the Four Cs -- You can't buy a diamond until you are familiar with what gemologists call the four Cs, which are carat, clarity, cut and colour. Each of these terms is important in the overall appearance and value of the diamond you select. Here's a quick breakdown of each C:

  • Carat -- A carat is the weight of a diamond as measured by a scale. Every carat is weighed by ⅕ of a gram, and a one-carat diamond has 100 points. Using that standard, you can see that a diamond with 25 points will weigh a quarter carat, and a diamond with 33 points will weigh a third of a carat. The more points a diamond has, the greater the carat and the more it will cost you.
  • Clarity -- Every diamond has some blemishes, known as inclusions, but the best diamonds have inclusions that only a trained gemologist using a magnifier can detect. Clarity refers to the number of blemishes inside a diamond, but if you can see those blemishes with your naked eye, avoid that diamond.
  • Cut -- Diamonds placed in engagement rings are cut from larger pieces, and that's what is meant by the 'cut' of a diamond. The cut describes the shape, light reflection and design of a diamond.
  • Colour -- Colour is measured by the amount of light that can shine through a diamond. The less colour a diamond has, the more light that passes through and the more valuable a diamond becomes. Colourless diamonds are rare and very expensive.

 Get Certification -- Don't buy a diamond ring that doesn't come with some type  of grading report that lists all the facets and qualities of that diamond, including grade levels for each of the four Cs. This certification must be conducted by an independent gemologist not affiliated with the store where you buy your ring. When buying rings in Australia, you want to look for certification companies such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which is recognized throughout the world, The Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia (DCLA), and the The European Gemological Laboratories (EGL). Any reputable diamond seller will have a certification report from one of these organizations. If no such report exists, don't buy your diamond from that seller.

Keep in mind too that you can buy loose, wholesale diamonds and then take them to a jewellery shop to have them fitted into a ring. 


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